Meet Marla.

Marla Grant, BSc BioSci/ Psych NSCA CSCS Certified, Post Rehab

Edmonton Personal Trainer

My interests have always been in understanding how the human body works and what causes its varying levels of performance. Throughout my youth I was very active athletically in soccer, track and field, dance and martial arts. I’ve always admired the different physiques and strengths needed for different athletic pursuits and wanted to understand how the human body does all it does. During my undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta I studied human physiology, neuroscience and psychology. I went on to study hormonal influences in weight control and abnormal psychology and its limitations.

This led me to pursue a career in Personal Training after graduation. Though, on the surface, Personal Training appears to focus on aesthetics and athletic output, a great part of it is having an understanding of the individual, working

through psychological limitations, as well as offering support and education. I continued my education with nutrition and sports psychology courses at the University of Alberta after graduation and earned my NSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification.

I also have experience competing in Fitness and Figure competitions at a national level and have been a guest lecturer at Grant MacEwan University and Makami College of massage therapy. I have now been working as a trainer for 14 years and look forward to continuing to help people become the best versions of themselves.


CBBF Naturals/ Nationals 2012 Fitness –  2nd
Arnold Classic 2012- Fitness Tall – 2nd
CBBF Nationals 2011- Fitness Tall – 7th
CBBF Naturals 2011 – Fitness Tall – 2nd
North Americans 2010 – 13th
CBBF Nationals 2010 – Figure Medium – 5th
Arnold Classic 2010 – 8th
CBBF Naturals 2010 – Figure Medium – 5th
CBBF Nationals 2009 – Figure Medium – 5th
ABBA Fall Classic 2008 – Fitness Model – 3rd
IDFA Western Canada Classic 2008
Fitness Open – 1st
Figure Open – 4th
FAME Nationals 2008 – Muscle Model – 2nd
Figure Open – 2nd Place
CBBF Nationals 2008 – Fitness Short- 12th
CBBF Nationals 2007 – Figure Medium- 8th
ABBA Provincials 2007 – Figure Tier 2 Medium – 2nd
ABBA Southerns 2007 – Fitness Short – 1st and Overall
Muscle Beach 2006 – Fitness Open – 1st
ABBA Provincials 2006 – Figure Tier 1 – 10th

National Level Fitness and Figure Athlete Marla Grant