Corporate Services.

We offer On-site Educational Seminars, On-site Group and Personal Training and On-site Massage Therapy to help you get these wonderful advantages:

Employer Advantage: Healthy employees are productive employees.

• Less Absenteeism – employees missing work due to illness
[and Less ‘Presenteeism’ – where the employee is at work but at a diminished capacity due to their medical condition]
• Lower Turn-over rates
• Increased Productivity [ and decrease in benefit costs]
• Increased Job Satisfaction (Health Canada
• Active employees take 27% fewer sick days and report 14-25% fewer disability days (Plotnikoff et. al, 2003).
• An employee with 3 or more risk factors (i.e. sedentary lifestyle, smoker, overweight and drink too much) is absent 50% more often than staff with no such risk factors. The more risk factors someone has, the greater the cost to an employer they are (Shain & Suurvail, 2001).

Employee advantage:

• Improved health
• You will see improvements in blood pressure, energy, posture, balance, self-esteem, flexibility, strength, sleep and weight control while getting reduced risk for heart disease, obesity, falls and injuries, adult on-set diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, depression colon cancer and premature death. (Public Health Agency of Canada)
• Reduced work related stress and illness
• Improved balance between their work and family obligations [ and quality of life] (Health Canada –

…and of course you will look and feel great!

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