Here is what our clients have to say about U Can Do 1 More

I am grateful literally every day for having met Marla Grant. Not only does she walk the walk and talk the talk as an exceptional personal trainer and fitness competitor, she is a reliable friend and support to me as a client. Over the three years I have trained with her, Marla has opened my eyes to the power I have for my health and well being. She is an empathetic ear not only when my workouts make me want to die, but when life is weighing me down. Her constant support and guidance helped me to achieve an amazing level of fitness and healthy eating for my wedding in the winter of 2010. Her knowledge and skill are inspiring, and she is always there to give a friendly push when I need to go farther and realize I am capable of more than I thought physically possible. I cannot recommend Marla more. Her contagious enthusiasm and smile will light the fire inside of you to get you to that next level.

– Elena Porter

I had all but given up on personal training, I had not been enjoying it like I thought I would! Then I received a call from Marla asking if I was interested in completing my series of sessions, as she saw that I didn’t have a trainer, (mine had quit) so I decided to give it one more chance. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. With Marla’s exuberance, vivacity and exceptional knowledge, I am now in better shape than any other time in my life. I love the work, and look forward to sessions with enthusiasm. Marla has inspired me to dig deeper within myself, and to reach higher than I ever thought I could!

You’re the best Marla!!!!

Thanks for helping build a new me!

My main goal in seeing Marla was to be stronger, more toned, and increase endurance. It’s now close to 6 months later and I have seen all the results I ever wished for and more! The things I’m able to do now is incredibly satisfying. Even seemingly trivial things – I hopped on the treadmill to do a run and normally when it’s been a while like it had been that day, my rear jiggles so bad that it hurts. Well…. last week…. no jiggle!! I am so happy to have made the decision to see Marla on a weekly basis as it’s worked wonders. Although she pushes my body to its limits, she makes it fun and helps me through the exercises so I can enjoy the great results.

I have worked out with Marla when I was trying to lose weight and she gave me great direction and great advice on how to reach my goals. I also used Marla when I was trying to build more muscle after being sick for a couple months. She asked me what kind of results I was looking for and she developped a plan based on that. Throughout our sessions she was extremely focused and taught me the right way to train and how to understand how your body reacts to fitness. Marla has been a great role model in my life and I continue leading a healthy lifestyle because of what she has taught me. Not only was she a fitness trainer but also a health advisor and life coach!

Thanks Marla!!

I’m a month away from my 43rd birthday, and have spent most of my adult life overweight. I played sports, lifted weights, ran, and tried a fad diet. Despite doing all of these things, my body stubbornly remained 10% to 15% heavier than is recommended for my height, and I looked soft and pudgy.

Over a seven month period, I lost 25 pounds, and have kept it off for a year. My body composition has also changed significantly, such that I’m much less likely to cringe when I see myself in a change room mirror. It’s gratifying to be able to buy clothes that show my physique rather than hide it.

Marla’s coaching, training, and exercise program played a large part in my physical transformation. One can waste a lot of energy and effort at the gym when he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Years of working out with friends, reading books, and following along in fitness classes never yielded the results that I obtained from training with Marla.

Marla’s positive outlook, education, and experience make her a fantastic personal trainer. When I have questions about diet, how to avoid sports injuries, or how to train for a specific sport or event, she is the person I trust most to answer them. I feel better about how I look than I ever have, and she has played a larger role than anyone other than me in getting to that point.

Finally, to paint a picture for the men out there, Marla’s not hard on the eyes and has a bunch of hot chick clients that seem to train with her. The eye candy coming and going (who wants to look like a pussy in front of a pretty girl, I ask?) can give a guy his second wind and make him put an extra ten pounds on the bar or do a couple extra reps.


Five years ago Marla Grant asked me to give her the opportunity to show me what she could do. I was disappointed with my previous trainers and felt they were simply going through the motions when designing my workout plans. I had been going to the gym for years but at age 49 I was ‘skinny-fat’ and wanted to take my workouts to the next level. Marla didn’t think I was ridiculous when I told her my 50th birthday goal was to compete in a body building competition.

She has since trained me for my first figure competition and subsequently three body building competitions where I placed first in the Provincial Grand Masters category and third at the National level as a Grand Master and also as a Light Weight. Marla’s focus on a clean diet, balanced lifestyle, and consistent, progressively challenging workouts changed not only my physical appearance but has given me greater confidence in all aspects of my life.

Marla’s passion for fitness and extensive knowledge base is reflected in workouts that are varied, challenging, personalized, and effective. More importantly, however, her positive attitude inspires and motivates me to set new goals and enjoy the journey!

I highly recommend Marla Grant to novice or veteran gym goers and to anyone who wants to improve their overall fitness level.

Training with Marla was like training with an extension of my focused, determined, inner-self. She took the time to understand me – where I was and where I wanted to be. Each client is totally unique in personality and physique and Marla understands this complexity, helping me achieve my personal goals.