Edmonton Firness Bootcamps

What We Do at U Can Do 1 More Bootcamps

At the U Can Do 1 More Bootcamp you’ll get a full body butt kicking twice a week in a group setting. It allows you to get the benefits of working with a trainer and some fresh air while your at it. You’ll be working with an experienced personal trainer, ensuring you will be able to learn safe exercise techniques.

The class will always begin with a quick warm-up to ease your body into the workout ahead. We then work intensely with a variety of exercises that will be both functional and fun. Our cool-down focuses on bringing your heart rate back to resting gradually with slow controlled Tai-Chi inspired movements and guided stretching. It is definitely a change of pace from a traditional gym training program.

Dates/ Times

To be announced


To be announced


Cost: $15/class ($240) +gst
Drop in rate $17 + gst
Receive a 10% discount for each friend you refer